The OCM strongly believes that first exposures to classical music can make a tremendous difference in the mental and emotional development of children.


Our objective is to build a strong rapport & love of classical music with children of all ages. When they tell us “That was cool!” as they often do, we know we have succeeded in touching their lives.

Maestro Boris Brott says: “I have been writing and producing children’s concerts for over 50 years, no doubt highly influenced by my mentor Leonard Bernstein. My wife Ardyth, a recognized children’s author, has helped me create scripts for these concerts that not only present a story but also tackle important social issues such as prejudice, bullying, the importance of family.”

Our concerts are interactive, multi-media events geared to hold the child’s attention in 50 minutes or less.


Beethoven & the Bully

Dear friends,
Due to the latest Covid-19 health crisis, the OCM has cancelled its April 23rd youth education concerts.
Schools and individuals affect will be contacted as soon as possible.
OCM Team


Bilingual Youth Concert

3 Shows
9:30, 10:45 AM & 1:00 PM
Oscar Peterson Concert Hall
7141 Rue Sherbrooke O.
Tickets: $9 (tax included)
Jean Marchand, Actor
Sarah Oulousian, Pianist

For more information, contact Boran Zaza:
[email protected] or (514) 487-5190.

Even Ludwig van Beethoven, a young genius who became one of the most famous composers in the world, dealt with bullying. Let us inspire you with his story and the difficulties he faced when he was bullied by his peers, his teachers and even his own father. Maestro Boris Brott, while sharing his own stories of bullying, sheds light on the great Beethoven. This interactive concert joins music and a touching, educational story. The students will learn how to help one another, or how they can help themselves in a situation of bullying. Musical excerpts include Beethoven’s 5th and 9th Symphonies (Ode to Joy with audience participation), Mozart’s Piano concerto no. 21, and many more.

Appropriate for children from 6-10 years old