The OCM believes in celebrating inclusivity and diversity. Started in 2018, our organization continues its important initiative, called Music for Everyone. Simply put, the OCM wants the magic of music to be accessible to all!



We are collaborating with various Montreal organizations who support new immigrants, women’s shelters, and others in offering complimentary tickets to all of our performances.


To encourage attendance from students in all fields, we have maintained our student tickets price at the low amount of $10 for the majority of our concerts.


To make our music accessible to the elderly, we have created a string quartet, the Quatuor Classique, which will present mini-concerts in several retirement homes & long term health care centres in collaboration with the SAMS.


At the OCM, we celebrate diversity in our orchestra, our soloists, our team, our Board of Directors, and our public.  We also continue to conceive creative projects and programming which celebrate the various Montreal communities.

We are working to increase attendance from the various diverse communities in our concert halls.

OCM’s Marketing & Box Office Manager, Boran Zaza, comments:

“As a recent immigrant from Iraq, I am very proud that our organization is taking action to welcome and encourage diversity. We can only keep classical music relevant and continuing to grow by reflecting and including the entire landscape of our amazing city.”