Painter of the 
2017-2018 season:
José Duclos

Following our annual call for an artist-in-residence, the McGill Chamber Orchestra (MCO) has chosen José Duclos to put her stamp on our orchestra by creating visual works to represent our 2017-2018 season. We would like to present her rst three works in this collection: the banner you can admire on the cover of this brochure, and the two watercolour pieces representing our two concert series. At each concert in our season, you will have the pleasure to discover a new art piece. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Duclos was honoured for her originality in 2003 and received the award for ‘public’s choice’ in 2004 at the Kamouraska Painting Symposium, which she has participated in since 1997. In 2006, Duclos was honoured with rst prize at the 25th edition of the Canadian Watercolor Society Awards and in 2013, she received rst prize in the ‘professional artists’ category at the Festival de peinture de Mascouche. Duclos has been a member of the RAAV (Group of Artists in the Visual Arts) since 1996.


Artistic approach

A fragile space

I paint to live in the moment, both deep and free.

I paint to join people in celebrating, shouting, crying, and the reinvention of the world.

From silence to con dence, the paper, sensible, reacts to the painter through their expression of life.

To blur, to stretch, to de-compartmentalise, to surround, to ush out, to trace.

It is thanks to the course of the artist learning the profes- sion of the watercolour that the work delivers its message with force. This message is that of a witness who is in- adequate with the world and who seeks to translate the intimate beauties of nature. Paper and water are the in- struments to present this unsatisfactory reality. Paper and water allow the birth of a fragile space from which the light is ltered.

I paint gentleness for humanity.

Jose Duclos